Entry forms must be submitted in the FISU Online Accreditation System according to the procedure laid down by the Organising Committee and must be received under the following procedure: I. Deadline for entry: 

b) Individual sports (including those with concurrent or supporting team events):

  1. General entries (engagement of participation) at least six (6) months before the beginning of the Championship;

  2. Quantitative entries (confirmation of participation) with the number of officials and participants in each sports event, and with the payment of the deposit of 25% of the participation fees, at least three (3) months before the beginning of the Championship;

  3. Nominative entries (conditions for participation) with the list of competitors and substitutes, the events to which they will participate and the necessary photographs, one (1) month before the beginning of the Championship;


II. Entry procedures:

  1. The general and nominative entries shall be sent through the Online Accreditation System to meet the required entry deadlines.

  2. Entries arriving after the expiration of the required deadlines will not be taken into consideration, except in the case of circumstances outside one's control, with the agreement of the Executive Committee and on the advice of the Organising Committee;

  3. Individual entry forms of athletes from a non-member association must be countersigned by the concerning NSF or by the NOC, and stamped with a seal from the said organisation.

  4. The deposit, without any local or international bank fees which guarantees an entry in the team sports should be in the hands of FISU at the latest five (5) months before the Championship.

  5. The deposit, without any local or international bank fees, which guarantees an entry for an individual sports should be in the hands of the Organising Committee at the latest three (3) months before the Championship.


By participating or otherwise appearing in a FISU event, each competitor, participant, official and each officer, agrees to be filmed, televised, photographed, identified and otherwise recorded, under the conditions and for the purposes authorised by FISU either currently or in the future and in relation to the promotion of the sporting, cultural, and educational activities organised under the aegis of FISU or under its endorsement.

Deposit for individual sports
Three (3) months before the Championship, countries entering in an individual sport must confirm their entry with an advance payment of 25 % of the accommodation costs per competitor entered.

The deposit, which guarantees an entry for individual sports, shall be directly collected by the Organising Committee.

Should the competitor compete, his/her deposit shall be credited to the participation fees to be paid to the Organising Committee.

In the event of a withdrawal, this deposit shall cover the costs undertaken by the Organising Committee.

Timeline of Registration Deadlines

General Entry -16th May 2020       

NUSF’s have to register a contact, as well as an estimation of the number of competitors. This number is not final, as it might increase or decrease afterwards. This step merely shows us that your country intends to participate. It is however a necessary one to complete the registration process.            

Quantitative Entry -16th August 2020

For this step, NUSF’s have to submit the final number of competitors, officials and other staff members. After this deadline, the Organizing Committee has the right (not the obligation) to deny any additional delegation members. The OC also has the right to collect a 25% Deposit Fee before this date, for precautionary financial reasons.


Individual Entry -16th October 2020

During the final step of the registration process, NUSF’s have to submit all personal details necessary of their delegation members. We will inform you on which specific details need to be submitted. This way, we can check if all athletes are eligible for the WUC and prepare accreditation cards for all delegation members.

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